Michael LaGris, CPA, A+, MCSA
Computer and Network Services
Microsoft Certified


I’m Seattle-local, born and raised. I’ve lived near Seattle all my live. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the US, enough to know we have it MADE here in the Pacific Northwest!

I started my professional life out of college at University of Washington in 1976 as a CPA with a national accounting firm, and left them to start my own thing in the early 1980’s. I got my first Personal Computer somewhere around 1985 as what I thought was a “necessary  evil”, and just fell in love with computing. I merged my accounting firm with another small firm in 1989 and since I was the only one who was really interested in computers I became the network staff as well. Even as a CPA during “busy season from February to mid-April, it was the one thing I loved to be interrupted for on April 14th!

I stayed with the firm as a CPA and Network Administrator until I decided to leave the accounting industry entirely in approximately 2004. Soon thereafter I went back to school to take courses that would qualify me for sitting for industry-recognized computer certifications. Specifically I passed exams for recognition of “A+”, which means I understand the hardware and the inner/inter-workings inside of the case, and then the much more difficult MCSA, or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. Soon after I earned my MCSA certification, I went to work as the Network administrator for a property management company in Bellevue, Washington, where I essentially WAS the IT department. At our highest point, before the home office in Dallas Texas began taking more operations into the Cloud, other online presence, and geographically locally in Texas, our Bellevue firm had about 75 employees and 50 computers, and I absolutely loved what I did there. Although it presented me with constant challenges and constant opportunities to be exposed to new things, it was a fairly small network in today’s world, so I eventually evolved to being only needed there about three days a week. The rest of my professional time began being taken up with visiting small businesses and individual users in their homes to consult and assist with just anything computing – Yes, I do home visits… “House-Calls” – And just about anywhere in the greater Eastside-of-Seattle area.

From advising on new computers, revving up slow computers, wireless and wired network configurations, wireless security, printing, user issues, file and folder access permissions, workgroup and domain issues, file utilities, data backup and protection, ALL installs of the Microsoft Office Suite (including Office 365), but especially Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook… I do it all, and I absolutely love it. I can help you with a full range of operating system, software, hardware and peripheral issues and I tremendously enjoy working with individuals and small groups. I also have an extensive background in teaching everything “Windows Personal Computing”, and this natural way of being causes me to always leave my customers and clients stronger than when I arrived!